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Working with Good Together means partnering with a medical recruitment agency that prioritizes personalized service, transparency, and a commitment to helping both doctors and practices thrive. If you are a doctor seeking a locum or permanent position in New Zealand, our extensive networks and industry knowledge can help you achieve your goals.

Registering with Good Together means that you can benefit from our personalized approach that starts with our doctors’ needs and preferences. When you register with Good Together, we do a deep dive to discover more about you. What are you striving for? What does balance mean to you? What do you love to do in your spare time? When we have a full picture of your needs we will canvas New Zealand clinics for a job that ticks your boxes. Our extensive network means that we know about vacancies before they are advertised and we understand which teams will be a good fit.

Let us help you navigate your career path with confidence and purpose. Register with us and experience the Good Together difference today.

We are striving to ease the pressure by investing time in getting to know our doctors and what makes them tick.
This investment pays off in multitudes with matches that allow both doctors and practices to thrive.

With the right job, we can help you create the balance you’ve been striving for.





Some of our current locum vacancies

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Moana is so helpful and lovely–she has placed me in places that suit me perfectly, advocates for my needs to possible locum sites, and does everything necessary to make me feel comfortable going to unfamiliar places.

If you’re wanting to do locum work, I highly recommend Good Together over any of the larger companies. You’ll get so much personalised attention.
Dr Bex Canner

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