Medical Recruitment 
New Zealand

Finding permanent roles for incredible doctors

Medical Recruitment 
New Zealand

Finding permanent roles for incredible doctors

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whether your next role is the right one for you?
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Some of our current permanent vacancies

If you are looking for a laid back lifestyle and enjoy working part time in a fun team environment then this is the job for you!
If you value being part of an engaged and collaborative team, then this opportunity is for you!
Fancy working for 4 days a week but getting paid for 5 while living in one of the most beautiful areas of NZ? It isn't too good to be true!

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Working together, we use our connections to save you time and effort scouring through different job adverts

Step into your next role with confidence

We’ll help you find a permanent role that is the right fit for you, and with a team that will support you to develop your skills

Mix career opportunies with a great lifestyle

Combine your working days with an incredible lifestyle and still have energy left at the end of the day to enjoy it

Enjoy professional

Join a practice where you can advance your career

We’re Good Together

Burnout needn’t be part of every doctor or health professionals’ career. 

When you’re thinking about finding a new job but you’re too tired to even try searching, we can help. 

We use our experience to connect you with opportunities you may not have thought about. 

Helping you to create a fulfilling career based around your lifestyle so you can live life to the fullest!

Moana is so helpful and lovely–she has placed me in places that suit me perfectly, advocates for my needs to possible locum sites, and does everything necessary to make me feel comfortable going to unfamiliar places.

If you’re wanting to do locum work, I highly recommend Good Together over any of the larger companies. You’ll get so much personalised attention.
Dr Bex Canner

Take the stress out of applying for your next job.

Discover your work values and use them to find a position that’s really right for you.

Let’s do good together

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Get on the phone, fill in the contact form or send us an email. Let’s talk and find out how we can help you create the future you’re dreaming of.

2. Let us take care of the details

When we’ve found the right fit, we’ll take care of all the little (and big) things to make the transition seamless, smooth and enjoyable.

3. New experiences await!

Use our experience to find the job you’ll love in a beautiful lifestyle area of New Zealand