Image of Tauranga beaches taken from Mt Maunganui

This blog was written by Ingrid, our incredible Recruitment Support Specialist, who settled to NZ after her father’s locum placement in Tauranga turned into a permanent relocation!

From Scotland, you can’t get further than New Zealand without getting closer to where you started. Mum and Dad had looked at Canada the year before and changed their minds. Maybe it wasn’t far enough?  

Dad took up a locum in a North Island practice with the prospect of buying into it. The son of a fisherman and having grown up in a coastal village, the sea ran in his veins. So the inland town we had come to just wasn’t going to cut it long term.  

In search of the lifestyle they had imagined for our family, the five of us bundled into the Hillman Hunter station wagon and took a road trip to Tauranga. Dad was interviewed for a position at the hospital. Within a week he’d accepted a job offer and we were soon putting down roots in the Bay of Plenty. 

I have an early memory of us three pale little Scottish kids on Mt Maunganui beach. We had the place to ourselves and couldn’t work out why. It was August, so the locals were at home keeping warm, but we thought we had found paradise. 

The water has played a huge part in our lives here. Dad got a wee boat, we swam and surfed and sailed, and if we weren’t in or on the water we were never far from it.  

Moving to the other side of the world takes courage and a sense of adventure. It takes a lot of planning, and a lot of dreaming. Our whole family agrees that the life we have had here is more than anything we could ever have imagined.  Those two years turned to 50 – and counting. 

At Good Together, we focus on finding you a role in a location where you can create a lifestyle you enjoy. Talk to us today. 

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